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The 2015 Accounting PhD Rookie Recruiting & Research Camp is a two-day forum for faculty and recruiters to meet and network with PhD candidates, attend 15-minute research presentations by job-seeking candidates, and interview a number of candidates interested in faculty or private sector positions.

PhD candidates from all research backgrounds (audit, financial, information systems, tax, analytical, experimental, behavioral, empirical, etc.) with expected graduation in Spring 2016 are encouraged to apply to attend the Camp. Registered recruiters will receive a convenient resume /"bio book" of all PhD candidates organized by dissertation topic. Recruiters may schedule interviews with candidates both before the camp and during the camp (i.e. a recruiter may see an interesting presentation and want to schedule an on-site interview).

The registration process is two steps. If you are attending the camp, you need to register at the AAA site. To access this website you need to sign up. You can click the "Sign Up" button on our home page. You do not need to use the same login information. We apologize for this two-step registration process but not all users who sign up on our site will attend the camp. For example, job applicants and recruiters can use the site even if they are not attending the camp.

We have made changes to our website to facilitate the recruiting process. For recruiters, you are encouraged to invite your entire recruiting committee (as well as an administrative assistant) to register on this site as a recruiter. That way, your entire committee will have access to application materials without having to share the same user name.

For job seekers, you can post your application materials and apply to schools even if you are not eligible to attend the camp.

Yes! We modified the site this year to allow for multiple job postings by schools. We also allow non-rookies to apply for jobs on the site so that you can review application materials for applicants at all levels. In addition, you can post visiting positions after the job market clears. We hope this will facilitate matching for applicants who did not get placed and schools that did not hire on the the regular market.

Students are encouraged to read the "Presentation Guidelines & Tips for 15-Minute Presentations" Click Here to For presentation guidelines.

No. Here is what a recruiting school sees after they post a job.

After clicking on the cell with the number of applicants for the position (they can only see their own), the list of applicants appears and looks like this.

When the recruiter clicks on an applicant name, the view is identical to your own profile view (including documents, etc.).

The PhD candidate presentation schedule will be posted in November 2015.