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The 2023 Accounting PhD Rookie Recruiting and Research Camp is a two-day forum for faculty and recruiters to meet and network with PhD candidates, attend 10-minute research presentations by job-seeking candidates, and interview a number of job-market candidates before making decisions about recruiting "fly-outs." This year's camp will bring together accounting PhD candidates, faculty from universities interested in interviewing candidates for faculty positions, and possibly recruiters from private sector firms. Don't miss out and more information to come!

Doctoral candidates from all research backgrounds (audit, financial, information systems, tax, analytical, experimental, behavioral, empirical, etc.) with expected graduation in Spring 2024 are encouraged to apply to attend the Camp.

Visit the Registration Page (closes 10.31.23). After your AAA registration please login on this site using the login/signup button and your AAA login.

The site allows for multiple job postings by schools.

Students are encouraged to read the "Presentation Guidelines & Tips for 10-Minute Presentations" Click Here to For presentation guidelines.

No. Here is what a recruiting school sees after they post a job.


After clicking on the cell with the number of applicants for the position (they can only see their own), the list of applicants appears and looks like this.

When the recruiter clicks on an applicant name, the view is identical to your own profile view (including documents, etc.).

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